HP Next-Gen Notebook Batteries Last (Almost) Forever

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Let's face it, the most infuriating part of owning a laptop computer is a dead or dying battery. It seems no matter how long a battery lasts, it's never quite long enough. Take heart, notebook users: Hewlett-Packard has now released batteries that it promises will never lose their capacity.

Well, let me correct that: they certainly won't last forever. Instead, HP says they won't lose their capacity over the lifetime of the notebook, which it believes should be around three years. Given that many of us use our laptops much longer than three years (hey, not all tech people embrace change), HP isn't quite offering up the moon.

'Enviro Series,' a.k.a 'Sonata'

Still, it's an impressive feat. The new batteries are being labeled the "Enviro Series," and are provided by Boston Power -- who, coincidentally, also sell the popular "Sonata" battery. Sonatas, unlike their other lithium-ion competitors, hold their capacity for about the same length of time -- three years. The company even offers a three year warranty backing that promise. (Source: tgdaily.com)

Boston Power, recognizing the popularity of 'green' devices, markets their products as environmentally-friendly. According to the company, they can be recharged faster and use less damaging chemicals not as likely to permanently scar Mother Earth.

So, what we're really witnessing is the execution of a relationship between HP and Boston Power first discussed last December.

New batteries headed to 70% of HP notebooks

It should be a loving liaison for fans of HP computers. Hewlett-Packard promises that the new, long-lasting devices will make their way into about 70 per cent of its notebooks. That makes them the first hardware company to so wholeheartedly embrace these next-gen batteries.

Surprisingly, Boston Power has faced some criticism for these batteries, primarily because they've refused to provide many details about the technology. Most think it's a move to keep competition at a minimum, and industry heavyweight HP is proving that a wise business move indeed. (Source: wired.com)

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