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With the summer holiday season in full swing, many of us are snapping photos with our digital cameras to remember those special moments. Unfortunately, most software packages that come standard with our beloved cameras make it difficult to organize photos into meaningful presentations, let alone share them with friends and family.

Introducing InAlbum: a feature-packed photo organizer

InAlbum is an easy-to-use picture organizer that turns ordinairy digital photos into stunning theme-based photo albums, chalk-full of animations, clipart, and sound.

Presentations can be shared online the web, saved to CD format, made into screen savers, made into video CDs (animated and playable on the TV), printed -- and much more.

InAlbum: How it Works

Creating a photo album can be done in 6 simple steps.

  1. Install and launch InAlbum.
  2. Create a new folder name for your show.
  3. Click the 'Create new show' button.
  4. Choose photos to add to the show.
  5. Edit your show. There are 5 options to choose in the "Edit a Show" window: a) Collect photos: add or remove photos for your show (jpg, gif, tiff, bmp and png formats are supported). b) Edit photo (optional): add cool effects to your photos, including: fish-eye, negative, blur, ripple, and many more. c) Change template: each picture added to your show is 'framed' in an animated template. In the 'Change Template' tab, you can mix and match your photos to background animations, buttons, photo frames, fonts, transition effects, and more. d) Decorate show: here, you can decorate your photo album with animated clipart, speech bubbles (callouts), sounds, MP3 music and even add your own voices! e) Music and settings: in the last of the 'Edit a Show' tabbed settings, you can title and credit your presentation, choose your theme music, and set the transition time between photos.
  6. Finally, save your show and share it with friends and family. There are many ways you can share your album with others, including: Send by email; Make available online (using your own storage via the InAlbum web site); Make into HTML file (place on your on web site); Make an interactive CD, Make a Video CD (VCD) or AVI file: play the VCD on your TV (DVD players often support the VCD format) or playback an AVI using Media Player; Make a screensaver; Make Desktop wallpaper, Print your show (supports wallet photo, label, greeting card, sticker, standard 4x6, jumbo, and more), or Make a stand-alone self-executable (.EXE) file.

InAlbum: Screenshots

Screen shots of the InAlbum interface can be viewed here.

InAlbum: Live Show Presentation

Click below to view two sample presentations made with InAlbum. Macromedia Flash is required to view the demos; if you don't have Flash installed, your web browser should prompt you to download it. The samples are very impressive -- and not at all hard to make using InAlbum: (InAlbum features) (A sample show)

InAlbum: Compatibility

InAlbum supports Windows 98, Me, NT, 2000, and XP operating systems. The minimum system requirements are a 450 MHz CPU or better and 128 MB RAM, although a 1.0 GHz CPU and 256 MB RAM is recommended.


InAlbum is by far the best feature-packed photo organizer I have ever come across. It's simple to use, well organized, and took me less than 45 minutes of 'messing around' to get the hang of using this program. The built-in themes are simply stunning and will certainly spice up any photo organization with very little effort.

InAlbum: Download

InAlbum is a modest 12.5 megabyte download and is available through the eSellerate web site (a CD purchase is also available).

Special offer for Infopackets Readers

Before writing this review, I contacted the folks at Increditools (the makers of InAlbum) and managed to finagle a $5.00 discount for our Readers. If you purchase through our web site today, you can download InAlbum for only $29.95. Simply use the coupon code "INFOPACKET" after clicking the "Checkout" button using the link below.

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