T-Mobile, Samsung Phones to Adopt Android OS

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T-Mobile is planning to use Google's open source operating system "Android" on devices that blur the line between cellphone and home PC. In addition, Samsung says they will also produce Android phones, but need to work out the kinks, first.

Both announcements come shortly after HP revealed that it is investigating the idea of using Android to power some of its low-cost netbook computers in place of Windows.

Home Phone to get Data Features

According to the New York Times, T-Mobile is working on two home devices using Android, an open source rival to systems such as Windows Mobile and the Apple operating system. The first is a cordless phone which will carry some data features. These aren't detailed in the report, but they could include a phonebook or access to text messages on the user's cellphone account. The device will update its data at the same time as it recharges in a special docking station. (Source: nytimes.com)

The second device will be a tablet computer with a 7" touch screen. It wouldn't be designed as a main computer but, with built-in wireless Internet, it would be used for household tasks such as finding and downloading recipes from an online source.

T-Mobile has long been committed to the Android project: it was the first firm to market a cellphone using the system. Officially known as the G1, it was widely dubbed the G-phone in recognition of the Google involvement.

Samsung On Board... Eventually

The T-Mobile announcement follows news that Samsung will launch three Android-based phones this year, two of them aimed at the U.S. market. That's something of a surprise given that Samsung deals heavily with network carrier Sprint, which has criticized Android in the past.

Samsung says it has had its own concerns about the system, particularly the idea that it might be seen as 'Google-centric'. It's likely the Samsung phones will have few Google applications or any other obvious links to the search giant. (Source: forbes.com)

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