New iPhone 3.0 OS Brings 802.11n, FM Radio, A2DP

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Apple is set to offer a host of interesting features on the new iPhone 3.0 OS.

Among the most anticipated features is the addition of stereo Bluetooth-audio streaming (A2DP), which will allow current second-generation iPhone and iPod Touch owners to experience the cutting edge of mobile technology.

Of course, Apple is expected to roll out additional features that will only be available to those who purchase the latest iPhone and iPod Touch devices. Among these exclusive "hardware features" are high-speed 802.11n WiFi (wireless network) capabilities and FM radio transmission.

Transmitter Manufacturers May Profit or Plummet

While many anticipate the launch of the new iPhone 3.0 OS (slated for sometime this summer), there are a few who are dreading the release date -- namely: the accessory manufacturers who have been making iPod-compatible FM transmitters for years. For third-party companies like Belkin and Griffin, integrated FM transmission could signal the end of well-known products like the iTrip. (Source:

Still, if Apple is feeling a bit generous, they could always require their users to purchase FM transmitter apps to enable its functionality, just as they did with voice recording. In this case, smaller companies can still get a piece of the action.

Faster WiFi capabilities

As mentioned above, the iPhone 3.0 OS promises improved WiFi speeds. The current iPhone and iPod Touch models support 802.11a networks (5GHz), or 802.11b/g networks (2.4GHz), which are now common on most portable devices. Since the faster 802.11n support already appears in Macbooks and AirPort Base Stations, its inclusion of smaller Apple devices is not surprising. (Source:

Smoother Online Multi-player Gaming

The increased WiFi speed also allows Apple to reinforce their initial intentions of someday making the iPod Touch a significant mobile-gaming platform. Now, online multiplayer games are a more viable option, as player interaction will be smoother than ever before.

Whether or not people are ready to trade in their established game consoles for an Apple iPhone, however, remains to be seen.

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