Windows 7 4x Better than Vista, Survey Suggests

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A day after Microsoft revealed that it would make Windows 7 downgradeable all the way back to XP, a new poll suggests it's unlikely anyone will really want to do that. Apparently, Windows 7 is gaining popularity after all.

The poll is courtesy of ChangeWave Research, which has been keeping tabs on Microsoft's operating systems for a while now. Two years ago it polled users shortly after Vista's much-anticipated launch, only to find that just 10% of all users felt "very satisfied" with the OS. A couple years of serious griping later, and here we are with what most hope will completely redeem Microsoft -- Windows 7. (Source:

How are Pollsters Reacting to Win7?

According to ChangeWave, the feeling amongst Windows 7 beta testers is that Microsoft's new operating system is much improved. A pretty incredible 44% of the 68 corporate IT professionals surveyed -- almost half -- said they were "very satisfied" this time around.

In the same survey, 2,000 corporate users were asked how they planned to approach Microsoft's current operating systems, and over half responded that they would skip Vista and opt for Windows 7 when it arrives. Only about one in seven (15%) said they would go ahead with a Vista upgrade instead of waiting for Windows 7.

What Changed to Make Win7 a Winner?

Speed. Simply put, Vista was a hog. Based on this writer's own personal experience: my HP Pavilion laptop takes at least several minutes to boot up, and routinely lags when I try to launch several applications at once.

According to ChangeWave researchers Andy Golub and Mike Wrobel, say that's changed significantly with Windows 7, which boots up a lot quicker. According to one IT professional polled by ChangeWave, Win7 "Takes less memory and boots faster, and reminds me of a new XP."

It's a good thing Windows 7 is receiving some good press now, because it could all change when home users get their hands on the new OS. For one, the upgrade from the beta package could be a difficult one -- already Microsoft is recommending people go back to Vista and upgrade from that. The alternative, insiders speculate, will be an even greater hassle and may even require a full, fresh format and installation. (Source:

That might dampen feelings for Win7 as its release creeps closer.

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