MS Windows 8: Details Emerge via Help Wanted Ad

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With only a few weeks until Microsoft's Windows 7 Release Candidate 1 (RC1) is released, Microsoft is already looking for people to help with Windows 8. An April 14th job ad posted by Microsoft says the upcoming version of Windows will have new features like cluster support and support for one way replication.

Apparently the Windows 8 kernel is being reworked to provide dramatic performance improvements. Windows 8 will also include innovative features that, according to Microsoft, will revolutionize file access in branch offices. (Source:

In the Planning Stage for a While

According to Mary Jo Foley from ZDNet, Windows 8 has been in the planning stage for a while now. Another Microsoft job posting from April 16th focuses on Windows 8 Server based on the Windows file system. (Source:

The April 16th job posting is for people who will have 2 main responsibilities: a) putting on the customer/design critique hat as Microsoft plans its next version of file server management experience, and b) participating in the architectural design and development and driving automated testing for managing the next generation file server.

Candidates will contribute significantly in the development of test automation to validate setup/configuration of the new server, managing configuration changes and performing diagnostics.

Targeted Delivery Date: 2012

Microsoft is targeting Fall 2009 for a Windows 7 release. If it sticks to schedule, Windows 8 would be released around 2011 (with Microsoft publicly promising a 2012 delivery target). (Source:

It's entirely too early to speculate what features Windows 8 will contain, but it's definitely in the works.

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