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With so many different audio and video formats circulating the Internet, keeping track of which media player plays which format is almost a next-to-impossible task.

For example: .MOV files are made with Apple QuickTime, and won't play in Windows Media Player; QuickTime player (which plays .MOV files) won't play DivX movies, and RealAudio and RealVideo files won't play in either QuickTime or Windows Media Player. To top it all off, none of the above mentioned formats will play on a portable .WMA (Windows Media Audio) device.

Confused yet?

Audio and video files generally contain content meant to entertain in some capacity. Instead of waging a war of formats on your desktop, one alternative is to use a file conversion application like Digital Media Converter to help bridge the gap between incompatibilities.

What is Digital Media Converter?

Digital Media Converter is a software utility for converting audio and video files from one format to another. Features include:

  • Repair damaged content: sometimes media files develop errors, like strange sounds or blips in the video picture. Digital Media Converter repairs these anomalies by reprocessing the file to eliminate errors.
  • Split large files: many video files are too large to share on the Internet. Digital Media Converter breaks large files into manageable chunks; easy to upload or download.
  • Batch processing: convert one file or one thousand files using the batch processing feature. Select files individually or choose to convert entire folders of content.
  • Convert multiple formats: Digital Media Converter works just as well on 100 files of the same format as it does on 100 files made up of 5 different formats.
  • Extract audio from video files: create an audio sound effect for Windows by exporting the audio from a favorite movie.
  • Change audio and video properties independently: output is fully customizable to conserve hard disk space. If video is the most important part of a movie file, the size can be made smaller by reducing the audio quality during conversion, while leaving the video quality untouched.
  • Reduce file size: sharing video on a Web site or transporting audio files via a portable media device often require that the media file shrink (due to space and bandwidth limitations). Digital Media Converter can reprocess media files and make them smaller -- often with little or virtually no quality loss.
  • Prepare video for editing: MOV files and other certain types of AVI files cannot be opened using video editing applications like Windows Movie Maker (the free video editor bundled with Windows Me and XP). By using Digital Media Converter to change file formats, these video files become compatible with virtually all Windows video editing applications.
  • Supported Input Formats: AIFF, ASF, AU, AVI, MOV, MP3, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, SND, WAV, WMA, and WMV.
  • Supported Output Formats: AVI (including DivX), DVD, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, SVCD, VCD, WMA, and WMV.

Digital Media Converter: Screen shot

To view a full screen picture of DMC in action, click here.


Digital Media Converter takes the frustration out of dealing with large libraries of audio and video files. By eliminating conflicting formats and unmanageable file sizes, Digital Media Converter returns music and movie files to what they should be: fun.

The conversion process works quickly compared to other competing applications I've tried. The trial version is fully functional with no expiration, however, converted files are watermarked until the software is registered.

Try Digital Media Converter today (7.3 meg download, free). If you enjoy it as much as I do, you can save $5.00 off registration by using the coupon code DMCOFFER at the eSellerate checkout ($24.99).

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