Windows 7 Launch Date Leaked

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According to reports, it looks like Windows 7 will be released October 23, 2009. That's a few months earlier than Microsoft had publicly committed to, and could mean extra sales for the holiday season.

So far, Microsoft has only described its target of releasing the new system three years after Windows Vista, which would have been 23 January. But British laptop manufacturer Acer has told a tech website his firm will be selling a Windows 7 PC after October 23.

Bobby Watkins told that Acer's new Z5600 model, specially designed for Windows 7, will be available with the system from that date. He also said customers who buy an Acer Vista PC in the 30 days beforehand will get a free upgrade to Windows 7. That confirms previous reports that Microsoft will allow such upgrade deals, but is leaving the details with individual manufacturers. (Source:

30 Day Trial

Acer will also be showing off the Z5600 in stores during this 30-day period. Presuming it will be running Windows 7 at this time, that suggests firms may be allowed a period to hype up Windows 7 with demos and try to create some buzz over its launch.

Microsoft hasn't confirmed the time table, but speaking before the story broke, the firm's Windows head Bill Veghte said, "A holiday release is accomplishable." An October release would allow the firm to benefit from sales of Windows PCs in the run-up to Christmas. (Source:

Ready To Roll

What is confirmed is that the development process is about to hit its penultimate step. Developers were given access to the first Windows 7 release candidate yesterday, and it will be available for public download from Tuesday.

A release candidate marks the first edition of the system which Microsoft believes is good enough that it could conceivably go on sale. From this point, the only changes it will make will be for security issues, or for any newly-discovered bugs affecting performance.

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