MS Releases Office 2007 SP2, Vista SP2 due in Q4

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Users of Microsoft's very popular Office 2007 software will be pleased to hear that a free update and download for the program, dubbed MS Office 2007 Service Pack 2, is available now, and promises to improve performance while adding several select new features.

Unfortunately, there have been some reported issues preventing a full-blown ticker-tape parade.

The main draw for users will undoubtedly be Microsoft's decision to add some support for non-Microsoft file formats. Once the download is complete, it will allow users to read and write Open Document Format files, documents used by the popular Open Office suite. (Source:

Update Not Quite Perfect

Also worth noting is a new option allowing users to save copies of their documents as Portable Document Format (PDF) files, a feature that previously existed but forced those interested to find and install the optional add-on.

Other updates are mostly minor, adding new currency conversion rates and other features many people won't ever notice.

The underlying performance improvements should garner some fanfare, although one shouldn't expect blazing speed solely because of this recent update.

Slight Incompatibilities with Open Office

Most of the buzz surrounding the download is over the Open Office compatibility, which early tests have shown to be mostly reliable. According to reports, only the occasional word processing document came out in a slight jumble. More problems have been found with the spreadsheet compatibility, where there's still being work done on the transition of formulas. Users should be aware that Microsoft is still working out the kinks when it comes to this issue in particular.

Vista Service Pack 2 On-the-Way

Also receiving plenty of press is Microsoft's Service Pack 2 for Vista, which is still under construction but should be available later in the quarter of 2009. The Redmond-based company promises support for Bluetooth 2.1, better search technology, and even the ability to natively record information to Blu-ray discs. (Source:

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