MS Xbox Exec Flies Coop to Apple

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One of Microsoft's senior executives has fled his post as director of the company's European Xbox operations. Richard Teversham is headed for Apple's business on that continent, ending a decade-and-a-half of service at Microsoft.

It's not yet confirmed what Teversham will be doing with Apple across the pond, but given the iPhone and iPod Touch's continuing involvement in gaming -- and the promise these games have to eventually challenge the likes of Sony's PSP and even Nintendo's DS -- it's a fairly safe bet that he'll play a significant role in improving interactive entertainment on the company's handheld devices. (Source:

"Education-related Role"

At the moment, insiders report that Teversham will fulfill an "education-related role" with Apple. One suspects that means he'll be helping advance the company's immature gaming department.

Teversham certainly does have the experience. For 15 years he worked at Microsoft, most recently as the firm's senior director of business, insights, and strategy for its Xbox business group. The Xbox and Xbox 360 have fared pretty well in Europe, and Teversham's role in cementing the popularity of those consoles abroad is evident.

Can Apple Challenge Nintendo, Sony?

Microsoft must now find someone who can effectively replace Taversham and keep the Xbox 360 from dipping far below competition posed by Nintendo and Sony.

"We can confirm that Richard Teversham, director of business, insights and strategy, has taken a new opportunity outside of Microsoft," the company stated. "A process is underway for recruiting his replacement." (Source:

Although some 9,000 games are now available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, neither device is yet considered a legitimate threat to Nintendo's hot-hot-hot DS, or 'Dual Screen,' still the most popular gaming system ever marketed. It will be up to Teversham to help change that.

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