Alternative Method of Keep with Next in MS Word

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Not too long ago, a reader wrote to me asking if there was a way to quickly see if Keep With Next was in use in a paragraph in an MS Word document. I answered the reader with an article explaining how to have your Show/Hide feature activated to see the non-printing characters in a document so that you can see whether or not Keep with Next is in use.

One of our cutting-edge readers has responded with a quicker, even easier method:

  • In MS Word 2007, you can add the "Para Keep w/ Next" formatting command button added to your toolbar. If the specific formatting is in use, the corresponding button will be highlighted.
  • In MS Word 2003, you can add the Para Keep Lines Together icon to your toolbar. This will not be changed when you use that particular formatting, but it does make it easier to apply the formatting by highlighting the text you want held together and then clicking the icon on your toolbar.

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