Xbox Interactive Sensors Old News, says Nintendo

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Those keeping tabs on the latest three-way battle for game console supremacy know that Microsoft and Sony have gone to great lengths in researching motion-sensor technology. The ultimate goal for these companies, obviously, is to catch up with Nintendo in the revenue department.

Microsoft Project Natal Debuts at E3

It was recently announced that Microsoft has a prototype that will be used in place of a standard controller for the Xbox 360. The million-dollar question is whether or not the new Xbox 360 camera-based technology will be the thing to slow down all of the positive strides made by the Nintendo Wii.

Nintendo has since responded to this question and not only are they not concerned about the proposed changes, but they are also questioning whether the technology is really "new" in the first place. (Source:

'New' Technology is Old News

According to Nintendo, the company once had the same concepts pitched to them during the pre-Wii days, but opted not to implement the technology into their (at the time) forthcoming system.

That's not to say that Nintendo did not at least try to adopt the innovations. The company went so far as to produce a few experimental games, but the results always showed more success with the current accelerometer-based system. (Source:

The news could prove dismal for both Microsoft and Sony. If Nintendo addresses their competitors as peddling their once "rejected ideas" these companies could become laughing stocks.

Still, if the public response at the recent Electronic Entertainment Expo is any indication, people will still be drawn to the system no matter what Nintendo has to say.

Consumer Preference Will Prevail

Most will agree that it will all come down to user preference in the end. While Nintendo may attempt to influence consumer selection, the more advanced systems on the market always seem to fare much better than the dated ones.

As it stands, even if Microsoft is able to deflect only a few thousand sales away from the Wii, they will still be doing a few thousand better. If this comes to pass, perhaps Nintendo will not be the only ones laughing in the end.

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