'Zen Key', and 'Lan-Explorer'

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Zen Key

ZenKEY allows you to control all aspects of your computer via keystrokes. Using the configuration utility of the ZenKEY Wizard, you can create menus, each containing items which perform "actions". You can start these actions by clicking on the item or pressing a key-combination. Using these actions, you can: open a program or a file, control program windows, automatically make windows transparent, iconify windows, issue a Media command, open a folder -- and much more!



Lan-Explorer determine all computers, shares and printers on your local network. Resources such as computers, shares are presented. The tedious and slow "click through the network environment" is not necessary and saves precious time. The determination of the computer or shares works in the background. The LAN-Explorer has a build-in explorer as well as a favorite-function


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