XP Service Pack 2 reports No Virus Scanner installed?

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Infopackets Reader Jospeh D. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

Your newsletters are the greatest! I've installed Windows XP Service Pack 2 *twice* on my machine, and both times, it told me that I didn't have a virus program installed. I've tried Grisoft AntiVirus and also tried AVAST32. Still, Windows XP is not recognizing them. Every time I start my computer there is a reminder for me to install a virus program. Am I protected or not? "

My response:

This one had me stumped, too.

If your antivirus program is sitting in the tray (next to the clock), then chances are that it's working. It's a fact that Windows Security Center (which comes with Service Pack 2) cannot detect most virus scanners, which is why you're probably receiving the alerts.

To disable the alerts, click Start -> Settings -> Control Panel, then open up the Windows Security Center. On the very left of the screen, you'll see a section called Resources. On the very bottom of that, you'll see an option to "Change the way Security Center alerts me". Click on that, and then ensure there is no checkmark beside Virus Protection.

RE: New eBook in the works

Over the past few weeks I've been swamped with similar Service Pack 2 (SP2), especially from folks who are petrified of installed SP2 on their machines incase something goes wrong. The plan is to compile a failsafe guide to teach anyone how to upgrade their computers. Service Pack 2 is crucially important to install (in my opinion) and the guide I'm working on will make preparing for it and installing it a heck of a lot easier.

More info as soon as it's complete!

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