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Are you a student on a tight budget? If you are, you're probably a bit worried about the prospect of upgrading your Vista notebook or desktop to the new Windows 7 Operating System (OS). No need to worry -- Microsoft is now offering students the new OS for just $30.

The deal, which starts October 1st, was first reported by British tech analysts yesterday, who found that U.K. students could preorder a copy of Win7 for just 30 British pounds. That's a good deal, but U.S. college students will be excited to hear that they're also eligible for the deal, at just $30 USD, if the can prove their enrolment at university or college. Microsoft has indicated it may ask for further proof of enrolment, but at this time plans for the deal have yet to be cemented. (Source:

U.S. Deal Ready Soon

The discounted link for U.S. students does not yet work. However, Microsoft has confirmed that the deal does in fact exist and that it will eventually target students in the U.K., U.S., Canada, Korea, Australia, Germany, Mexico, and France, with slightly varying price structures.

Although Americans are expected to be able to preorder their copy of Windows 7 starting this week, students in those other countries may have to wait until the operating system's ultimate release on October 22nd, 2009. (Source:

Not Everyone is Impressed

Microsoft, which is working in partnership with Digital River in order to distribute the student packages, obviously hopes to corral the hundreds of thousands of students looking to upgrade their systems in time for fall exams.

Not everyone is impressed with the exclusive deal, however. PC World blogger Jeff Bertolucci contends that if Microsoft really wants to make up for the Vista debacle, it should give everyone the $30 deal.

Most Americans will face the regular cost of upgrading to the new OS, an estimated $120. Some feel that's not fair, since it's Microsoft, and not consumers, who need to prove that they can still build and support an operating system that is both secure and capable of high performance.

In addition, rival Apple is charging just $29 right now for the upgrade to its latest operating system, OS X Snow Leopard.  (Source:

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