Being Spied on? Free App Removes Cell Spyware

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Kisses have the power to alleviate pain, mend a broken heart and show someone you care. Now, thanks to a security researcher in Asia, "Kisses" also have the ability to rid your smartphone of malicious spyware.

Kisses, a free software application, can detect spyware and hidden programs on most BlackBerry devices and tell users what is going on inside their mobile phone.

Cell Phone Spyware a Big Problem

The presence of spyware has become problematic in recent months, primarily due to the fact that many malicious spyware programs can be purchased for as little as $50. For that nominal fee, almost anyone can listen to your conversations, read your private texts and track your location via an embedded GPS device. (Source:

Many smartphone users downplay the severity of the situation, because someone with the intent to spy must first install the program themselves. This means that the evildoer would first need to have access to the smartphone, and later, crack the password protection -- assuming the rightful owner has created a password in the first place. (Source:

The problem is not so one-dimensional, however. Spyware vendors are known to offer manipulative advice, including giving a new BlackBerry as a gift with their spyware already installed.

Kisses Removes Some but Not All Spyware

This is where Kisses comes to the rescue.

The application detects and removes FlexiSPY and Mobile Spy software on BlackBerry devices. Unfortunately, Kisses is not able to remove all available spyware, but can at least identify the hidden applications that may cause harm to your blackberry. (Source:

Kisses is still a work in progress. Since its initial public release nearly one month ago, the application has been downloaded 5,000 times.

As far as the future of Kisses is concerned, the software looks to soon offer service to the Apple iPhone. While the release date for the iPhone version is still forthcoming, users can download the free BlackBerry version of Kisses.

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