Apple's Rumored Tablet Device Could Arrive in March

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For those wondering if Apple will ever release a device to compete in the netbook / tablet / ultra portability market, then take notice: it's expected the company could unveil a sleek new tablet device this month, with the first shipments moving out as early as March.

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Apple is preparing to announce a new tablet computer later this month. That's not the big news, although such rumors were first circulated in December by the Financial Times, which then said the Cupertino-based company had reserved a San Francisco location for a January 26 unveiling.

What is surprising, however, is that the device could be ready before the summer, although nothing has yet been finalized. (Source:

Tablet to Feature 10- to 11-inch Screen, Games, Music, etc

The tablet, which has been more or less an urban myth for the past year, is rumored to feature a ten to eleven inch touchscreen -- essentially making it a really small computer and a really big iPhone.

Financial experts and speculators have long expected this device, which should feature video games, music, video playback and perhaps even an electronic reading function. These rumors were circulated when one-time Apple employee Kai-Fu Lee blogged that the device would boast 3D graphics and a sub-$1,000 price tag.

Lala Purchase May Be Connected to "iSlate" Release

Other features could include streaming music; tech pundits believe the late fall purchase of provider could be linked to the tablet's imminent release.

There's even a rumored name for the device already: iSlate. Apple declined to comment on that or any of the other gossip.

Apple Stock Skyrockets Amidst Rumors

Yes, these are indeed all just rumors and we won't know much until late January -- but financial experts are already giddy about the prospects of a new, must-have Apple toy. As a result, Apple's stock rose 1.6 per cent on Monday, closing out at a record-high $214.01. (Source:

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