Tech Guru Predicts Launch of 3D Internet in 5-10 Years

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Sean Koehl, a man known throughout Intel Labs as a technology guru, has raised a few eyebrows with his recent Nostradamus-like prediction that the Internet will "go three-dimensional" within the next 5 to 10 years.

Of all the forthcoming technology projects underway at Intel Labs, Koehl said that he is most excited about the work being done on 3D technology and how it will change the way people interact with online information.

According to Koehl, the only reason it is taking so long for this technology to evolve (if being 5 years away from a three-dimensional Internet can even be considered a "long time") is because an initial push to develop 3D online applications was halted so that more work could be done with the quality and application functionality of the emerging technology. (Source:

Teleconferences Become "Virtual Worlds"

While three-dimensional qualities will do little to change how we interact with reading online text, for example, 3D will start the evolution process for things that we are unable to currently do on the Internet because of feasibility issues.

Speeches at large conferences, for example, are not personal experiences for the attendees if done via a teleconference. Creating a three-dimensional "virtual world" will allow the audience members to feel as if they are sitting at the same table as the speaker.

3D May Spell Disaster for Sports, Entertainment World

A 3D Internet could spell disaster for some corners of the public sector, however, namely sporting events and the entertainment world. If a person is able to get a better view of a football game, NASCAR race or dog show through a three-dimensional platform, why would they ever want to deal with the hassles of airline travel, gas prices and large crowds? (Source:

Whether or not these planned 3D applications will eventually grow into an Internet-wide phenomenon remains to be seen. However, few people can deny the excitement and anticipation that will surely surround a 3D online experience should the predictions of "guru" Sean Koehl come to pass.

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