Windows 7 'Compatibility Checker' Actually a Trojan

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Beware any program that describes itself as a Windows 7 compatibility checker promising to verify whether or not your system can run Microsoft's new operating system (OS).

Prominent security firm BitDefender first reported the attack earlier this week, but noted that the problem has not yet become widespread. However, because the Trojan appears genuine, it could actually have an enormous impact on users in the near future.

Trojan Emulates Microsoft in Emails

As one might expect, scammers are using the popularity of Windows 7 to spread malware. "This [Trojan is in particular is appealing to many users] because of the interest in Windows 7," said Catalin Cosoi of BitDefender's Online Threats Lab. (Source:

The Trojan, which arrives via email attachments, isn't accompanied by the standard awful grammar we've come to expect from these kinds of criminals. Instead, they've copied and paste actual Microsoft marketing text from the legitimate Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor page:

"This software scans your PC for potential issues with your hardware, devices, and installed programs, and recommends what to do before you upgrade," the fraudulent emails read.

Trojan Allows Hackers Free Reign

Those who take the bait and launch the email attachment will in fact initiate a file containing a Trojan horse called Trojan.Generic.3783603. Some may recognize the name from a Facebook password heist not long ago. (Source:

Once the Trojan is installed, it installs a stealthy keylogger designed to soak up banking information and credit card data.

Of course, if you're looking for such a program that will determine if your computer can handle Windows 7, we recommend you go straight to -- and never ever run a program included as an email attachment.

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