Remove recently visited web addresses and other info stored in Windows?

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Infopackets Reader 'Woodstock216' writes:

" Dear Dennis,

Can you please tell me how to erase all the info that Windows stores automatically? Example: when I visit a web page, sometimes Windows will store the web site address so that I do not have to retype it all the time ... or when I fill in my email address, name, phone, etc on a web site? I have no clue where to even look to try to find this. Help! "

My response:

This is a frequently asked question.

What you are referring to is called MRU history, which also refers to "Most Recently Used" information. Two of my all-time favorite programs for removing MRU History are Window Washer and WinOptimizer Platinum Suite. Window Washer is great at removing virtually all traces of MRU History, but (even though WinOptimizer Platinum Suite can clean MRU History), it performs better at cleaning up junk left on the computer. This was noted in my review of WinOptimizer Platinum.

You can read the in-depth article on Window Washer here:

Webroot's Window Washer

And WinOptimizer:

WinOptimizer Platinum Suite

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