1-click answers to 1 million topics at your fingertips, Part 2

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Last week, I wrote about a new, free service called that offers '1-click answers to 1 million topics at your fingertips.' Since the article was published, I've received a number of positive emails.

Infopackets Reader Dawn B. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

Recently, my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I have been scouring the Internet for anything I could find pertaining to his illness, but was discouraged by all the irrelevant pages and 'page not found' errors.

After I read your article on, I decided to give it a try. Let me tell you -- I was completely amazed! immediately directed to pages where I was able to find the answers I was looking for. I played around with the site for a while after that to see just how useful it really was, and found that it was able to take me to every place I needed to find answers for what I was seeking.

I just wanted to say thank you for putting this information on your site for all of us readers out here. I really do enjoy your newsletter and am grateful for all your hard work on making things better for all of us out here in cyber-world! "

Lockergnome Windows Fanatic Bernice D. writes:

" Hi Dennis, love your columns!

I just wanted to comment on your latest recommendation ( -- it truly is the cats meow! It is simply one of the best all around 'answer' programs around today. It eliminates probably 3 or 4 (or more!) other resources for same type of info.

The ease of the downloaded portion of the site is super. I installed it immediately on the PC, and my 10 year old uses it to assist her when looking up things for school or just to learn on her own. She absolutely loves it!

Thanks again, Dennis, and keep up your invaluable work! " read the Full Review

Just a reminder: if you haven't already read my review on -- you can read about it online our web site. Highly recommended!

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