'Portable Virtual Privacy Machine', and 'Firefox Privacy Toolbar'

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Portable Virtual Privacy Machine

Carry your entire Internet communication system on a tiny USB drive. Contains a complete virtual Linux machine with privacy-enabled Open Source Internet applications. Carry your Internet applications, email, bookmarks, history, web cookies, download files in your pocket. Perfect for travellers - nothing to be scanned, started, poked, or prodded at the airport. Get English keyboard support no matter what computer you use. No installation needed - just plug the drive into any Windows or Linux computer, and click on the Virtual Privacy Machine icon and you're ready to go. The VPM's network connection will auto configure and run seamlessly on any machine with a working internet connection. All Internet session data (cookies, history, downloads, etc.) are stored on the VPM, not the host computer. Runs on any rewriteable media (USB drives, Flash Memory cards, Secure Digital devices, iPods, etc.) This PR1 release runs on Windows and Linux - final release version will also run on OS X. Runs in full screen mode (press SHIFT-CTRL-F. SHIFT-CTRL captures and releases focus.) Includes Mozilla Firefox browser, Mozilla Thunderbird News/Email client (with Enigmail plugins for PGP email encryption), persistent Home directory, a demo version of the MetroPipe Tunneler.


Firefox Privacy Toolbar

Complete set of privacy and security tools with Easy Access, providing Instant Security Controls with a mouse click. No more digging in preferences menus or editing complicated configuration screens. Just point to the toolbar, select the privacy and security options you require, from light to paranoid, and surf.


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