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Synopsis: WinTuneup provides an all-in-one approach to system cleaning and configuration with a registry cleaner, junk file wiper, memory and CPU optimizer, Internet optimizer, and much more.

WinTuneup: Screenshots

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WinTuneup: System Information Tools Page

  • OS Information allows you to take stock of the vital system and operating system information.
  • Optimize computer memory allows you to make use of the available memory to its fullest thereby maximizing the performance of the PC.
  • CPU information provides you a clear picture of CPU resources and their allocation and use.
  • Disk analysis gives you the facility to know about the disk, in terms of allocated space to individual item (folder, files). Provides complete knowledge of the space occupied by every file and folder.

WinTuneup: Cleanup Tools Page

  • Remove Junk Files scans all the junk files from the disk which are missed by common disk Pro, Uninstaller, Defrag and Scandisk etc. and removes them.
  • Clean System registry provides easy and non risky way of removing invalid and obsolete registry entries, references and links.
  • Erase History the information left on the PC and ensures privacy. Fixes invalid short cuts and Find duplicate files on the system.

WinTuneup: Optimize Tools Page

  • Memory Optimizer monitors the system and optimizes the memory and allows best utilization of the resources available.
  • Task Manager helps you in determine and see which tasks are of higher priority and clearly see resources and usage by various tasks and provides the power to alter them as well.
  • Internet and bandwidth optimizer speed up the connection.
  • Auto start manager put you in charge of which program should run at the startup of the windows.
  • Find empty folders lets you find unused empty folder and delete them and free the important disk space.
  • Tweak plus is a collection of small tweaking options which gives you the ability to customize various settings in startup, Control Panel, Desktop and other places.

WinTuneup: Protection Tools Page

  • Secure delete files deletes the secure files and make them unrecoverable.
  • Wipe/delete File data deletes the files whose reference is removed from the file allocation table (FAT) but still exist on the free space of the disk.
  • Uninstall manager will assist you in uninstalling the programs.

WineTuneup: Advantages

  • Optimize CPU and memory usage
  • Increase the performance by cleaning the registry
  • Clear the clutter of junk files giving more space for important files
  • Protect your privacy and no one can track what you did on your computer
  • Provides complete system information, including OS and hardware
  • Decide which important tasks you want to run at the windows startup
  • Optimize Internet connection

WineTuneup: Compatibility

Wintuneup is compatible with Win 98 / ME / 2000 / XP (Home and Professional).

WinTuneup: Download

Free trial download for 30 days; $29.95 to buy.

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