Get an iPhone 4 for $24 at Radio Shack

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Looking for a bargain on an uber-popular smartphone this holiday season? From this point until December 11, Radio Shack is selling the Apple iPhone for drastically reduced prices, highlighted by a trade-in deal that cuts the price of an iPhone 4 16GB model to just $24.

The Radio Shack deal goes something like this: $50 is being knocked off the contract price of the iPhone 4 smartphone, with the 32GB model reduced to $249, the 16GB down to $149, and the iPhone 3GS cut to just $49. (Source:

This is the lowest price for the iPhone from any well-recognized retailer in the United States.

Trade-In Deal Makes for Cheap Upgrade

If you're looking to trade in an old iPhone, even better deals can be had. Radio Shack is right now offering a trade-in program whereby owners of the iPhone 3G will receive a credit of $75 when exchanging their existing handset for a new one. Owners of the iPhone 3GS will receive an even greater credit: $125.

Given that the iPhone 4 16GB model is just $149 on sale right now at Radio Shack, that means someone trading in an iPhone 3GS will get their new handset for just $24 (note, however, that this does not include taxes and fees).

The deal is not available online, so customers will have to make their way to a Radio Shack brick-and-mortar store to take advantage. The prices are equally available to both new AT&T customers and those eligible for an upgrade.

Radio Shack Looks to Undercut Competitors

Radio Shack's promotion is part of the retailer's bid to take on bigger rivals like Best Buy in the cell phone market. In a recent statement, Radio Shack said the promotion is part of its effort to "boost awareness of its wireless business and create an edge up on the competition." (Source:

This isn't the first major iPhone deal of late. Back on Black Friday, AT&T knocked $50 off the price of the smartphone for a single day. At least this time around consumers will have a little more time to take advantage of the holiday savings -- with two weeks to spare.

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