Microsoft Brings Rewards Program to the Xbox 360

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Faced with mounting pressure from competitors Sony and Nintendo, Microsoft will soon offer Xbox Live users redeemable points for their activity on the popular online gaming portal.

Xbox Live is the online video game network for the Xbox 360 console. Those who subscribe to a membership can not only game with their friends, but also gain access to downloadable movies, music and TV shows. It costs about $60 for a one-year membership to Xbox Live.

Dubbed Xbox Live Rewards (XLR), the program offers a system whereby credits are either accumulated through gaming or purchased online. Xbox Live Rewards launched shortly after the repackaged "Bing Search Rewards Program", a points-for-search campaign designed to reward those who use the Bing search engine.

Xbox Live Rewards Point System Explained

The point system works as follows:

Gold members earn 10 points for renewing their one-month Xbox Live Gold membership, 30 points for a three-month membership and 200 points for an annual membership. Those who purchase an Xbox Live Gold Family Pack will receive 400 points.

Individuals who wish to sign up for gold membership status will receive 100 points, while their first purchase over the Xbox Live Marketplace will score them another 100 points. Gold members who activate a Netflix account on their Xbox Live will get an additional 100 points as well. (Source:

Other ways to earn points include completing monthly surveys (at 10 points each) and making purchases over the Xbox Live Marketplace, though point figures depend on the content obtained.

Straight points-for-cash exchanges are also available as well, with 1600 points being sold for $19.99 USD.

The rewards program is open to Xbox Live members in the United States and the United Kingdom. Participation in the program is not mandatory, but those interested must first connect their Xbox 360 to Xbox Live and click the "Join Xbox Live Rewards". It takes about 36 hours to confirm eligibility, (Source:

Xbox Live Rewards Expires June 2011

Oddly enough, the rewards program is set to expire on June 30, 2011, according to Microsoft's terms and conditions page. (Source:

Microsoft has yet to explain the redemption process, but did announce that individuals can earn a maximum of 15,000 points each year and that these points will be good until June 30, 2012.

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