Facebook 'Evil' For Married Couples, Says NJ Preacher

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The recently-released film The Social Network explores (and exaggerates) the rise of Facebook.com, sparing none of the gory (or in this case, sleazy) details about the messed-up relationships of its founders, particularly Mark Zuckerberg, Sean Parker, and Eduardo Saverin. But it's the impact Facebook can have on the relationships of its users that is at the heart of the most recent debate involving the site.

If You're Married, Get Off of Facebook

New Jersey-based Reverend Cedric Miller says that, if you're married, it's time to get the heck off Facebook.

Miller cites the social networking site as a problem for newly and long-time married couples, since its sheer accessibility allows users to contact other people -- including old flames -- who could put a new and/or strained marriage in jeopardy.

Facebook's "Potential for Evil" Questioned

"I'm going to say if the potential for evil is there, then cut it off, and I will make a strong biblical case for them to oblige," Miller said. (Source: gothamist.com)

According to Miller, over the last six-month period a total of no less than 20 couples have come to him for help after Facebook allegedly caused their marriages to fall apart.

Miller suggested that cheating is facilitated by Facebook, which can in a few clicks put users in touch with old friends as well as old friends 'with benefits'. "The temptation is just too great," Miller said. (Source: tgdaily.com)

Transparency the Key to Healthy Facebook Marriages

Miller believes couples that simply can't give up Facebook should share their account information -- either by swapping password information or holding a single/dual account. He says the transparency is important in maintaining a healthy relationship.

Critics say Miller shouldn't be so gullible, and that Facebook could be used by couples as an easy scapegoat for their philandering. It seems sensible to note that if one is going to cheat, they will do so whether Facebook is involved or not.

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