1 in 4 iPhone Users Plan Switch to Verizon: Report

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According to a recent study, more than one in four iPhone users say they'll switch to Verizon Wireless service if it becomes an alternative provider to AT&T. The vast majority of those who say they'll change over are frustrated with AT&T's poor reception and coverage.

The findings come from ChangeWave research, which recently asked more than 4,000 people if they planned on switching mobile phone service providers over the next three months. About 16 per cent, or one in six, of all existing AT&T subscribers said they'd ditch their current phones (iPhone or else) and buy a Verizon iPhone. (Source: computerworld.com)

One in Four AT&T Users Ready to Leave

If this number doesn't appear bad enough for AT&T, consider this: an estimated 26 per cent of all current iPhone users (who by default must use AT&T as sole service provider) said they would switch to Verizon once that became an option.

About 41 per cent of these people said they'd make the switch-up in the first 90 days, while another 31 per cent said such a move would be done within the year. (Source: pcmag.com)

About 42 per cent of AT&T iPhone users who said they would happily make the switch to Verizon cited poor reception or coverage as their reason for leaving. Some 27 per cent said their decision had to do with an unacceptable number of dropped calls, while 17 per cent said AT&T's service cost too much.

AT&T Not Giving Up on iPhone Users

Surprisingly, ChangeWave found that AT&T has made strides in recent weeks to improve its service and retain these customers.

"While AT&T continues to struggle in this very important area and trails Verizon by a wide margin, it has made significant advances since our previous survey -- improving from its all-time worst 6.0 percent rating last September to 4.7 percent in the current survey," ChangeWave said in its report.

"The findings suggest AT&T is now taking concrete steps to try to improve long-standing service issues."

Of course, the question is, will these improvements come too late? It's possible many respondents said they'd make the switch to Verizon as a way to encourage AT&T to continue working hard for their subscriptions. And as far as having a rival out there for AT&T, competition is always a good thing for the consumer.

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