What if Snoop Dogg was the CEO of Google?

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Have you ever played the game "What if ... ?"

What if the Sky was Hot Pink instead of Blue?
What if Coffee tasted like Bubblegum?
What if Rapper Snoop Dogg was the CEO of Google.com?

Infopackets Reader Max F. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

Google.com is by far the best search engine on the planet, providing the most accurate search results and plenty of other great services. But what if Snoop Dogg was the CEO of Google?

The other day a friend of mine sent me an Instant Message via MSN Messenger with a link to a hilarious spoof of Google. The site name is called 'Gizoogle' and it looks and operates similar to Google -- but with a twist. Standard English words and phrases of search results are synonymously replaced with Gangster Vernacular (many of which were coined by Snoop Dogg himself)! Go ahead and give it a try. You'll die laughing! "

Note: Rated M fo' Mature, my shinizzle!


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