Microsoft to Unveil Windows 8 Tablet in June: Report

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For the most part, Microsoft has kept a tight lid on its plans for Windows 8. It's not surprising, since the Redmond-based firm remains committed to its current operating system (OS), Windows 7. But recent rumors suggest that could change in June, when Microsoft will reportedly unveil a special Windows 8 tablet OS.

The report comes from Business Insider, which says its evidence is based on a source within Microsoft. According to Business Insider, "Microsoft is taking a more Apple-like approach to interface design this time around, and will also be using concepts from the 'Metro' interface developed for Windows Phone 7." (Source:

Experts Buy Into Windows 8 Report

Many experts are convinced the report is valid. That's because a June unveiling falls around the end of Microsoft's 2011 fiscal year, a perfect time for new products. A big reveal could also come at the Computex Taipei trade show, which runs from May 31 to June 4.

So, why would Microsoft tout Windows 8 now? It may just be the weapon Microsoft needs in waging an uphill battle against tablet industry leader Apple. The iPad clearly owns the tablet market (holding a 93 per cent advantage, according to recent reports) and it may take a specially designed interface to change that.

In essence, a Windows 8 tablet OS would not only act as an appropriate launching pad for Microsoft's foray into "WinPads" (or whatever they name may be), but it could also ramp up excitement in the company's next operating system, which is projected for a 2014 release.

Nokia Expected to Play Important Role

If the reports of an upcoming Windows 8 tablet are true, new Microsoft partner Nokia may very well play a big role. The companies announced intentions for a "global mobile ecosystem" partnership earlier this month and promised they'll work side-by-side through the "future evolution of mobile products."

"Nokia and Microsoft plan to work together to integrate key assets and create completely new service offerings, while extending established products and services to new markets," Microsoft said.

But while Microsoft is very proud of its new partnership with Nokia, the company refuses to comment on an upcoming Windows 8 tablet. A spokesperson for the company told CNET it has no information on the topic at this time. (Source:

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