Report: Most College Interviewers Check Facebook Accounts

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According to a new report, about four in every five college admissions offices now check out the social networking accounts of prospective students. In fact, in some cases they're actually using these unlikely resources to recruit students.

Kaplan Test Prep recently surveyed college and university admissions officers and found most reported using Facebook and Twitter to pursue ideal students. According to Kaplan's Russell Schaffer, Senior Communication Manager, "we found that 82 percent of admissions officers reported that their school is using Facebook to recruit students." (Source:

Harvard Rep: "Better Safe Than Sorry"

The findings have been reinforced by at least one Harvard College interviewer who admitted they used Google to discover more about the students being considered for admission. "I think it's always better to be safe than sorry," said Harvard's Allison Otis, via website Quora.

"When you apply to college you spend such a long time crafting an image through your applications and essays that to be careless about your online data is just silly."

Analyst StudentAdvisor suggests everyone should be careful what they post on Facebook, whether it's about themselves or friends and colleagues. Vigilance in this regard is particularly important when applying to a school or for a new job.

Expert: Use Facebook to Your Advantage

But this doesn't mean we all have fret about what someone might find on our Facebook accounts.

StudentAdvisor editor Dean Tsouvalas says the social networking site can be used to one's advantage by "liking" the school or company to which you've applied. That shows a level of personal commitment and passion for an institution or a workplace that interviewers will appreciate. (Source:

Facebook can also be a place to display worthwhile accomplishments. Provide a link to that YouTube video of you volunteering for a local charity or that foot race where you helped raise money for an important cause.

If you know what people are looking for, Facebook can be a handy little tool.

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