New Toshiba Hard Disks Self-Encrypt When Stolen

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Toshiba has announced the successful completion of the first set of self-encrypting hard disk drives (HDDs) in the world. The popular Japanese consumer electronics firm has engineered these HDDs to automatically invalidate confidential data when connected to an unknown host.

The 2.5-type MK6461GSYG family of hard disk drives is featured in five different models, ranging from 160GB to 640GB.

All models allow the original manufacturers to configure different data invalidation options. Their main purpose in doing so is to assist IT departments in helping their companies comply with ever-changing privacy laws that govern data security.

Access Denial, Crypto-Erase Config Options

In the event that a self-encrypting hard drive model is stolen and attempts to connect to an unfamiliar system, the hard drive and host elicit an authentication process. When the authentication attempt proves unsuccessful, the drive can either be configured to deny access or crypto-erase the sensitive data. (Source:

When the latter option is configured, the keys that allow a system to decrypt data are removed and the information is permanently encrypted and rendered unreadable, making it useless to the thieving party and giving some added peace of mind to the victim.

Wipe Technology Finally Featured

Toshiba has been looking for ways to include its Wipe Technology in the MK6461GSYG family since first developing it back in August 2010.

In a recent statement, Toshiba emphasized the consumer demand for more control in securing sensitive information:

"Reflecting the voice of our customers to meet varying using conditions, MK6461GSYG family drives not only offers the latest version of Wipe Technology, adding the third level of control, but also configures areas for invalidation and encryption, achieving an optimized solution for data security." (Source:

Toshiba went on to add that the self-encrypting drives are not exclusive to PCs, stressing their suitability for copiers, multi-function printers and point-of-sale systems used in various fields that include financial, government and medical professions where the need to protect private information is high.

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