Kohler Introduces World's First 'Smart Toilet'

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For most of us, using the lavatory is anything but a luxurious experience.

That might change, however, as Kohler promises that their new Numi toilet is one of the most hi-tech toilets ever to be launched in North America.

Adjustable, Customizable and Motion-Controlled Features

While recent years have brought about "smart phones" and "smart tablets", the Numi is the first "smart toilet" in the world.

The new Numi toilet has many interesting features, including customized seat positions, water pressure and temperature control and even ambient lighting. Add audio (complete with FM radio and an audio input jack for an MP3 player), and now you too can enjoy an entirely new bathroom experience.

Hi-tech Toilet Offers Heated Seat, Self-Cleaning Bowl

The features don't end there, as the Numi also boasts an adjustable heated seat and foot warmer. There's also little need for cleaning, as an integrated stainless steel wand with built-in dryer takes care of most of the work.

The seat and lid are motion-controlled and work in conjunction with sensors that lie on the floor next to the toilet. The toilet automatically raises the lid as the user approaches and lowers the lid upon departure. (Source: usatoday.com)

Toilet Touch Screen Provides Eco Power Options

The Numi also boasts a quiet, "greener" flush system, with customizable cycles that range from "eco" (using only about 0.6 gallons per flush), to "full flush" (using 1.28 gallons per flush).

All of the features are powered by a handheld touch-screen remote and can be programmed at a variety of settings for up to 6 individual users.

Hi-tech Toilet Price Tag Treacherous

The only foreseeable problem in making the Numi a household success may be the price tag, which comes in at around US $6,300.

Still, David Kohler, President and Chief Operating Officer of Kohler, believes that many will invest in his smart toilet because "those [consumers] who want the best, want the latest in design and technology and want a fashion statement in their home". The number of users that would be willing to pay in excess of six thousand dollars for such a fashion statement may be another story, however. (Source: huffingtonpost.com)

The Kohler Numi is set to launch in the United States at the end of April 2011, with the first line coming in either white or biscuit colors.

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