The Morpheus Shopping Club -- Scumware, Adware, Spyware

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Infopackets Reader Sarah M. write s:

" Dear Dennis,

Alas, I left my boyfriend home alone with the computer and he downloaded Morpheus to find some songs. He then uninstalled it because he knew I didn't like the 'spyware' that comes with it from Brilliant Digital and figured I could clean up the residue it left. Well, I don't know what's going on, but running in our system tray is a little icon that looks like a gold coin with a $ on it. The coin says that it is the Morpheus Shopping Club.

If you click on it, it will take you to a website for the club. You can also right-click and choose exit, but it will come back with every reboot. The darn thing is, I can't figure out how to permanently remove it!

I checked Add/Remove Programs -- nope. I checked my Program Files for the Morpheus folder, gone. I Ctrl + Alt + Del to find the process it ran and did a search for it, nothing. I scanned the Windows Registry for the Morpheus, Shopping Club, but still came up empty-handed.

Where the heck is this thing? I would love to know if any of your readers have run into the same problem and have an answer. By the way, we run Windows XP. "

My Response:

According to, you've got a Spyware parasite on your system called WurldMedia. You an use Lavasoft's Adaware or SpyBot Search and Destroy to remove it.

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