Kodak Unveils 3D Inkjet Printer

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Kodak is set to host a new feature never before offered on a printer model: 3D photo printing. The Kodak ESP Office 2170 All-in-One is the first inkjet printer of its kind to offer prints with image depth and perception.

The included Kodak AiO Home Center PC software allows users to select a few pictures of the same subject taken from slightly different angles. Once the images have been selected, the printer prints them off as a three-dimensional visual.

Viewing the image in 3D, however, requires 3D glasses (the old-fashioned cardboard frames with blue and red lenses will do). Beyond this minor inconvenience, the image does appear to pop up from the page.

3D Eclipses Other Printing Options

To be fair, its three-dimensional feature is not the only selling point of the ESP Office 2170.

The printer offers PC-free scanner, fax and copying functionalities along with cheaper ink options. Kodak uses permanent printer heads rather than disposable ones, which means that the owner only pays for the ink and its receptacle once the cartridge is empty. (Source: ctv.ca)

The printer also allows users to make basic edits to pictures and upload images to popular online photo hubs like Flickr, Facebook and Kodak Gallery. New software allows still image captures from video files, including uploaded home movies.

Prints "Primitive" By Today's Standards

Some analysts have criticized the ESP Office 2170 over the fact that the prints appear to be primitive in comparison to the three-dimensional offerings found in modern films.

Other critics say that the color and contrast have taken a backseat to creating a finished 3D effect. The flipside is that the technology will likely get better over time. (Source: theglobeandmail.com)

The Kodak ESP Office 2170 sells for $149.99, which is a bit steep compared to competing models.

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