Can't download pictures to PC: missing digital camera software and cable?

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Infopackets Reader Karen S. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

I ordered a new computer, digital camera (Kodak: model CX7530), and an Easy Print and Share printer from Dell a little while ago. I've recently had some time off work, and had a technician come over and set everything up for me. To my dismay, the technician told me that I am missing the digital camera software, power cable, and transfer cable (so I can transfer my photos to the computer).

I called Dell for assistance, but they were unable to help me because I waited too long after my order to place a complaint; I was, however, able to pick up an alternative power cable for my digital camera at WalMart. As for the camera software: I understand I can use any photo editing program to edit my pictures, but I was wondering what I can do about transferring my digital photos to the computer? Currently, there is no way for me to download them to my PC. Can you help? "

My response:

It's strange you didn't get those items when you ordered the camera. At any rate, one solution may be to use an "all-in-1" media card reader to read the picture card to your computer. The "all-in-1" card readers can read multiple media card formats (such as Compact Flash, xD RAM, SD RAM, etc) and are available any most computer and electronic stores, like Radio Shack's 10-in-1 Media Card Reader.

Once the card reader is hooked up and the media inserted, it acts much like a new hard drive under My Computer. To access the picture files, simply drag and drop (copy and paste) your photos to your C drive, then use any picture editing program like ColorCoded PhotoStudio to adjust your photos (hint: you can use IrfanView [freeware] to convert your photos to another format if necessary, including Kodak's proprietary format; see IrfanView's plug-ins page).

But before you make a card reader purchase, identify the type of RAM (media card) used for your digital camera and ensure that it is compatible with the reader. You can do this by taking the media card to your local computer store and have a sales rep test it out for you (hint: make sure he actually copies a file from your card to the computer to ensure that it will work).

If you are still unsuccessful with this approach, contact Kodak customer service and have them ship you a data cable + software for your camera. You will need the Kodak EasyShare software because it will be the only way you can transfer the pictures to your PC using the data cable. The "copy and paste" method (via My Computer) I mentioned above won't work with the Kodak camera data cable.

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