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Synopsis: Does your computer contain sensitive information? Of course it does! Whether you're surfing the web, chatting with friends, emailing co-workers, or downloading files via P2P [file sharing] -- almost everything you do on your computer can be retraced, dissected, and scrutinized. Thankfully, there's programs like CyberScrub Privacy Suite that can erase your tracks and protect your privacy! With the maximum "5 star" rating from, CyberScrub Privacy Suite's helpful interface allows you to: irrecoverably delete files, clean Windows traces (recently opened files, Run history, Windows Media player), clear Web Browser 'droppings' (cache, cookies), and even supports 21 Peer-to-Peer applications, plus many other sensitive applications!

CyberScrub Privacy Suite 4: Screenshots

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CyberScrub Privacy Suite 4: Features DrillDown

Privacy Protecting Features

  • Built in Support for 21+ Peer to Peer (P2P) Apps such as Kazaa, iMesh, Morpheus, etc
  • Can Operate in invisible "Stealth" Mode
  • Erases, purges & wipes data stored without your knowledge or approval
  • Protects your Internet privacy

Erases browsing trails you leave behind

  • Removes Internet Browser History, cookies, texts, pictures, and more
  • Can help ensure that no one will recover your deleted email
  • Ensures no recovery of deleted data from previously deleted files
  • Removes information from sensitive areas such as the Windows Recycle Bin or swap/paging file

Data Erasure Wipe Purge Overwrite & Deletion Capabilities

  • Erases data with U.S. DOD methods (5220.22), German official VSITR method, Russian official GOST P50739-95 method, ISAAC Random Generating Algorithm, and VIA Padlock Certification
  • Advanced methods to stop practical recovery of even the most sophisticated hardware recovery tools
  • Erase and wipe data on both "normal" and compressed drives

File Erasure Wipe Purge Overwrite and Deletion Capabilities

  • Can collect temporary and unused files
  • Erases & wipes the slack portion of deleted files
  • Overwrites file names


  • Strong encryption to secure data
  • Fully customizable Hot Key wizard for any/all functions
  • Automated Task Scheduler
  • Full Permissions Module to limit functions to Users and Groups
  • Shell integration via context menus, Send To and Desktop icons
  • Supports Drag and Drop
  • Command-line parameters for batch file use
  • Can be password protected

CyberScrub Privacy Suite 4: Download

CyberScrub Privacy Suite 4 is free to try and $49.95 to buy.

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