PETA Says Super Mario Murders Animals for Fur

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Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. is one of the most successful (and recognizable) video game franchises ever marketed. But as Nintendo attempts to move forward with their latest Mario adventure, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has stepped in to try and make some changes to lovable plumber's wardrobe.

Sadly, Mario is learning that his early 90's style is not "politically correct" in 2011 society.

Raccoon-Suit No Longer "Politically Correct"

Back in 1990, when Super Mario Bros. 3 was first released in the United States, the protagonist sported a distinctive raccoon-like suit that enabled him to soar over difficult jumps and float down to collect a host of golden coins.

But, taking out the suit for another run in SuperMario 3D Land for the Nintendo 3DS has made Mario the target of a nasty PETA campaign.

Members of PETA have identified Mario's stylish raccoon suit as belonging to the Tanuki (Tanooki), a common Japanese raccoon-dog. And they are not holding back from telling the world just how Mario acquires his mystical wardrobe.

According to the PETA website, "Mario kills Tanooki," plain and simple. Many within the organization also believe the presence of the outfit in the game "is sending out the message that it is OK to wear fur." (Source:

While a far-fetched allegation to make, this is not the first time PETA has set its sights on video games. Last year, the organization suggested significant alterations to the popular downloadable game "Super Meat Boy," offering "Super Tofu Boy" as a better alternative title.

PETA Attacks Mario via Spoof Game

PETA is also attempting to spoof Mario with an alternative game called "Super Tanooki Skin 2D" where players chase a flying Mario, who wears blood-soaked Tanooki garb, while a skinless animal chases him down to reclaim his hide. (Source:

While the negative press might be cause for concern by most companies, Nintendo developers have remained adamant that no Tanuki were harmed in the making of the game.

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