Steve Jobs Action Figure Creeps Out Tech Industry

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Walter Isaacson's written biography of Steve Jobs is arguably one of the most popular non-fiction books of this past holiday season. It's no surprise, then, that others are searching for more ways to profit from Jobs' rampant popularity.

Just months after his untimely death, a new action figure that appears eerily reminiscent of Jobs is receiving mixed reviews from thoroughly creeped-out observers in the tech industry.

The action figure, manufactured by the Chinese firm "In Icons," is twelve inches tall and showcases all of the famous Steve Jobs trademarks, including his New Balance sneakers, slightly faded blue jeans, silver-framed glasses, greying beard, and, of course, iconic black turtleneck.

The new action figure even features the famous Steve Jobs "piercing stare" so prominently displayed on the cover of Isaacson's wildly popular biographical tome. (Source:

Jobs Action Figure Features "Highly Articulated" Limbs

Beyond the remarkable likeness, In Icons has also designed "highly articulated" limbs for its new action figure. (Source:

The doll's joints can be manipulated into a great variety of different positions. The company's website shows the new figure in a number of eye-catching poses, most of which appear extremely familiar to those who have attended any of Jobs' in-person appearances or product demonstrations.

As if great looks and limb-flexibility weren't enough, In Icons' Steve Jobs action figure also comes with a range of accessories, including an extra set of spectacles and a pair of apples (one that has a big bite taken out of it).

The Steve Jobs doll isn't cheap. In fact, it is priced at just under $100, plus shipping to the United States. For that much money, In Icons has done a nice job of packaging the figure in the clean, minimalist design for which Jobs made Apple famous.

Critics: Too Soon for a Steve Jobs Doll

Despite all the favorable elements, many critics say the strikingly accurate Steve Jobs action figure comes just a bit too soon after the former Apple CEO's October death.

"Steve Jobs Action Figure Bypasses Cool, Goes Straight To Creepy," noted Web Pro News. "New Steve Jobs Action Figure Is So Good It's Freaky," wrote Gizmodo. (Source:

If you disagree, place your order quickly. In Icons says it has only a "limited quantity" of the Jobs action figures.

An image of the action figure is below.

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