Report: iPad 3 March Release Likely

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New reports suggest that the next generation of the popular iPad tablet computer, the iPad 3, is already being manufactured. The release date is rumored to be only 2-3 months away.

While it might seem like a short turn-around since the iPad 2's unveiling, a March 2012 release for the iPad 3 makes sense.

The first iPad was released in April 2010, while its successor, the iPad 2, was released last March. A third spring release would lead many to believe that a new Apple tablet is almost an annual guarantee.

iPad 3 Production Underway in China

Industry analysts at Bloomberg say they believe a new iPad will be released this spring and cite "three people familiar with the product" as their sources. (Source:

Bloomberg experts went on to say that the manufacturing of the new device has already started in Asia. Chinese manufacturer Foxconn is allegedly running mass production of the device around the clock, leading many to believe that the tablet will be ready soon.

Report Hints at New iPad 3 Features

While it is still early to say for certain what new features the iPad 3 will possess, the Bloomberg report did hint that the tablet would incorporate a high-definition screen with "pixels small enough to make the images look like printed material."

In order to display higher-quality images on this next-generation display, the device would also house a quad-core central processing unit (CPU). (Source:

Other reports suggest that the new iPad will be a 4G LTE tablet, incorporating much faster wireless broadband technology designed for roaming Internet access.

Whereas the iPhone might not be able to handle such a battery drain, Apple remains confident that the 11-hour iPad battery can withstand a 4G LTE incorporation, especially in exchange for a faster Internet connection to better leverage the iCloud (Apple's cloud / online storage service). (Source:

Since its initial launch two years ago, Apple has sold over 40 million units of the iPad, generating $25 billion in sales. And while some companies have tried (in vain) to challenge Apple in this growing market, a strong showing by the iPad 3 would certainly cement Apple's place as the leader in the tablet industry.

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