'PracticeSharp 1.4.1', and 'iDevice Manager'

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PracticeSharp (aka "Practice#") 1.4.1

PracticeSharp is a tool for practicing a musical instrument by playing along with recorded music. Basically, it is an audio player that allows changing the music's tempo (i.e. speed) without changing its pitch, or changing its pitch without changing the speed of playback, all in real time. PracticeSharp is simple and straightforward to use, and its menus are simple and uncluttered to make navigation extremely easy. Scroll to the bottom of the proceeding page using the link below to find the "download" button.


iDevice Manager

iDevice Manager allows you to examine and manipulate files on your Apple computer and your iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch, regardless of file format. Copy photos, emails, SMS, videos, and more between all your devices, just as you can between conventional storage devices. You can also convert music from these sources and from iTunes 10 to ringtones, even longer than the standard length of 32 seconds.


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