Microsoft's 80-inch Windows 8 Tablet Coming Soon?

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Microsoft chief executive officer Steve Ballmer probably has a lot of tech toys that fans would love to get their hands on. But one of the most enviable must be his 80-inch tablet computer.

According to a new report, devices similar to the 80-inch tablet PC which Ballmer has in his office will eventually be available to high-end business users who can afford it.

If the giant-screen tablet proves popular enough, the device could make its way into the wider marketplace.

Ballmer Does Email On Giant Tablet

In an interview with, Microsoft vice president Frank Shaw had a startling revelation to share:

"Steve Ballmer has an 80-inch Windows 8 tablet in his office. He's got rid of his phone, he's got rid of his note paper. It's touch-enabled and it's hung on his wall," reported Shaw. (Source:

According to Shaw, the massive tablet screen is actually Ballmer's whiteboard, and it has become his chosen device for receiving emails.

What's even more exciting is that consumers may soon get the opportunity to do the same in their own offices. Microsoft's Shaw told Wired that "it's a device we're going to sell." (Source:

Don't confuse this new product with the existing 80-inch Sharp Aquos touchscreen display that is powered by Microsoft technology, unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Last Vegas earlier this year.

Shaw says Ballmer's 80-inch tablet computer is produced by "a different company".

Massive Tablet Runs Windows 8

Shaw made clear that when offered for sale, the 80-inch tablet product will be running Windows 8, Microsoft's upcoming operating system (expected by experts to be released this fall).

It's unlikely the massive tablet will become a feature in the homes of consumers any time soon. Shaw indicated that the device would be designed with business rather than home users in mind.

However, if the massive tablet proves popular enough with corporate users, it's possible the mainstream market could get its own version of the device.

"It's not a consumer thing now, but we know historically that that's how all things start," Shaw said. (Source:

Shaw did not indicate when the giant tablet might become available for purchase.

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