'Classic Shell 3.5.1', and 'PhotoRenamer 3.1'

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Classic Shell 3.5.1

Classic Shell is a free software that provides a collection of features you might want. These are the features that were first available in older versions of Windows, but are now unavailable in Windows Vista and Windows 7. If you want them back, this is a good way to get them. The software offers a classic start menu, a retro toolbar for Windows Explorer, and also supports a variety of other classic features.


PhotoRenamer 3.1

TGMDev PhotoRenamer 3.1 is a Windows Utility program that quickly and easily renames your photos with the date and time you took the shot. Depending on the camera manufacturer, and when you download your photos to your PC, the filenames take on a format such as: IMG_0160.jpg, DCS014752.jpg, PIC05126.jpg, or others. Each new photo carries a number that's one higher than the previous shot. To allow for better management of your favorites pictures, TGMDev PhotoRenamer 3.1 also provides a very easy way to rename your picture files according to a renaming mask that you select. Three default masks are available, or you can add up to 40 different customized masks, at least one of which is likely to fit your particular needs.


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