Best Buy Worker Accused of Stealing 'Racy' Photos

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A Fairfax, Virginia, woman has accused a Best Buy employee of stealing "racy" photographs from her Apple iPhone. It's the first time the electronics retailer has been involved in such a case.

Sophia Ellison went to the Fairfax-based Best Buy location because she wanted to have photos and contact information transferred from an old iPhone to a brand new one.

What should have been a simple and straightforward process got complicated, however, when the Best Buy employee who volunteered to help her -- right now known only as 'George' -- offered to purchase the old iPhone for $60. (Source:

Ellison says George, who proffered his own cash and did not give her a receipt, promised that if she agreed to sell him the iPhone he would wipe out any information still on the device.

Employee Stashes Woman's Photos

Although one might think Ms. Ellison would be alarmed by such a strange proposal, she accepted the offer.

About a day after she sold George the phone Ellison noticed her new iPhone still had not received the photos and contact data contained in her previous device.

She then contacted Best Buy and spoke to George, who said he had moved the old phone's information to a CD which she could retrieve by visiting him at his home.

At this point, Ellison became alarmed enough to discontinue contact with George and to get in touch with her lawyer.

Woman's "Racy" Photos Exposed

Ellison's problem is that her phone contained some very personal photographs, including both photos of her family, and pictures of her in various "racy" poses.

"I'm a woman," Ellison said. "I love to model. I'm not a model, but I love to model. I have some pretty racy photos of myself, for me."

Best Buy says it has fired George "for making a personal transaction with a customer while on duty at the store." (Source:

However, it appears unlikely that this will completely resolve the problem.

Although Ellison says the police have not been contacted about the issue, other reports suggest that Ellison may launch a civil case against the electronics retailer.

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