Can't Uninstall / Remove PC Mighty Max?

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Infopackets Reader Fred S. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

I recently download a program called PCMighty Max. The web site said it was free and would fix errors on my computer. The problem is that it has the most annoying warnings and popups which practically force you into purchasing the full retail version. Question is: how can I remove PC Mighty Max from my computer? I have tried to remove mightymax from my Control Panel, but, the remove feature is not there. Thank you in advance for your help -- I am a new subscriber and look forward to my first edition! "

My response:

After a bit of digging via, I found numerous forum postings where folks were complaining of the same problem -- and that is, they can't uninstall PCMightMax because there is no remove feature.

The lack of a removal button is not only highly annoying, but it's unscrupulously purposeful.

RE: How to Remove / Uninstall PC Mighty Max

Option #1: According to a posting on, you can initiate the PCMightyMax uninstall process by clicking Start -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs, then go to the PC MightyMax heading, and click the "Change" option [normally this is where the "remove" button is located]. Once the "change" button is clicked, the installer will initiate. The option to remove will present itself in the install phase only after you click the "Next" button a few times to advance the screen. For more information, see this posting:

Can't Uninstall / Remove PC Mighty Max?, Part 2

Option #2: Another posting over at recommends using a freeware utility called CCLeaner to uninstall PCMightyMax. Reportedly, it worked for one fellow, but please use caution with CCLeaner (refer to this forum posting for more info).

Good luck!

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