Dell Windows 8 Tablet 'Flips' Into Laptop Mode

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Samsung recently announced it is putting its very own Start button in its forthcoming Windows 8 PCs. Now, Dell has unveiled its own twist on the standard formula: a hybrid tablet-laptop device running Microsoft's upcoming operating system (OS), Windows 8.

The Dell XPS Duo 12 is intended to be used as both a touchscreen tablet computer and a standard laptop PC.

Physically, it can open up just like a regular laptop. But it can easily switch to tablet mode by flipping the display through its frame, and swiveling it until it latches in place with magnets.

Dell Improves Upon Inspiron Duo Design

If the "flip device" idea sounds familiar, that's because Dell introduced a similar device called the Inspiron Duo (running Windows 7) earlier this year. However, Dell insists the XPS Duo 12 is considerably lighter and thinner than its predecessor.

Early reviews suggest the device feels sturdy, which is somewhat surprising given the unique design. Reviewers are also pleased with the device's crisp 1080p resolution 12-inch screen, protected by durable Corning Gorilla Glass. (Source:

The XPS Duo 12 also comes with a carbon fiber shell. That should make this hybrid PC more durable than laptops built of aluminum or plastic.

Although official pricing for the XPS Duo 12 hasn't yet been announced, it's possible the swivel mechanism and carbon fibre hood will result in a relatively high price point. Many expect the XPS Duo 12 to sell for around $1,000.

Dell XPS 10 to Rival Microsoft's Surface Tablet

Dell will also reportedly offer its XPS 10 tablet based on the Windows 8 RT (runtime) operating system. With an ARM processor under the hood, it's likely Dell will price the XPS 10 in the sub-$500 range.

Like Microsoft's soon-to-be-released Surface tablet, the XPS 10 will ship with a keyboard dock. (Source:

Dell has also unveiled a third device, the XPS One 27, featuring a 27-inch touchscreen display. The XPS One 27 will come with an Intel processor and, like the XPS Duo 12, will be running a standard version of Windows 8.

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