Systweak Memory Zipper Plus Review

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Synopsis: Worried that you can't leave your computer unattended because of frequent crashes and spontanous shutdowns? Introducing Memory Zipper Plus -- a comprehensive and easy-to-use memory management and optimization utility designed to smooth the performance of any Windows machine! Memory Zipper Plus works by recovering unused memory and lets you improve your computer speed. The built-in Data Safe Technology ensures complete reliability and safety of data; plus, it comes with a CPU Cooler program to save CPU power!

Systweak Memory Zipper Plus: Screenshots

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Systweak Memory Zipper Plus: Key Benefits

  • Boost your system performance with-in moments: Memory Zipper Plus is designed to tackle the most difficult and crucial problems of memory management. It is a combination of basic and advanced features that helps to reclaim wasted memory of your computer and increase your computer speed by up to 400%.
  • Free yourself from nailing down tips to optimize memory: Memory Zipper Plus runs as a system service in the background - monitoring system performance and automatically freeing wasted memory. Subsequent optimization activity may either be performed automatically through scheduling or manually at a click of a button.
  • Visualize memory status using graphical representation: Memory Zipper Plus enables you to monitor memory graph using Line Chart and Pie Chart representation techniques. This covers the memory and CPU usage information, coupled with real time memory statistics on available and consumed memory, along with CPU usage.
  • Secure your system with improved technology: Memory Zipper Plus is built with Data Safe Technology that works on individual data of your system. Data Safe ensures that each and every data is written to your hard drive, preventing information loss and securing your essential cache memory. This administers maximum safety, reliability and speed of your system.

Systweak Memory Zipper Plus: Compatibility

Systweak Memory Zipper Plus works with Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP.

Systweak Memory Zipper Plus: Download

Systweak Memory Zipper Plus is free to try and $18.95 to buy.

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