Apple iPhone, iPad Map Service Hilariously Awful

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Apple iPhone, iPod, and iPad users are complaining loudly that the combined software upgrade and elimination of Google Maps has resulted in Apple's new mapping service yielding some odd location-based search results.

The problem affects anyone who has upgraded to iOS 6, the latest version of Apple's operating system (OS). The new OS for later editions of the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad was released just before the debut of the company's iPhone 5.

Apple Cuts Google Maps with Software Upgrade

Until recently, Apple used Google's mapping services on its devices. Now it has decided to drop that service in favor of its own product. It's unconfirmed, but observers speculate the move is designed to minimize Google's presence on Apple devices.

With iOS 6, Apple started providing its own maps, using data from three different mapping companies. The good news is that the new map tool is extremely easy-to-use. It also looks great.

New Maps Relocate Greenland

The bad news is that the maps are riddled with errors, some of them quite hilarious. The mistakes include:

  • Businesses being listed in the wrong place.
  • Entire towns either missing or moved several miles away from their true locations.
  • Listing of public transportation stations that have been closed for years.
  • Greenland being labeled as the Indian Ocean.

The names of places and businesses have also been mixed up. For example, a taxidermist was allegedly listed as a taxi cab company. Meanwhile, a city farm in Dublin, Ireland, called Airfield is listed as an actual airfield. (Source:

Rival firms are making the most of the embarrassing situation.

Nokia has published a test that it claims shows the map service used on its Windows-based smartphones is more accurate than those of Apple and Google.

Nokia's maps also show up on the Bing website and Garmin GPS devices, and will also appear in upcoming Amazon Kindle Fire tablets.

Apple says its new map service will improve over time. A spokeswoman said, "We appreciate all of the customer feedback and are working hard to make the customer experience even better." (Source:

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