Apple iPad Mini Shortages Expected: Report

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Apple hasn't unveiled the iPad Mini tablet computer yet, and already there are reports of significant production problems. According to one analyst, the complex construction requirements of the iPad Mini could cause shortages lasting for months after the product's launch.

It has been rumored for some time that Apple is preparing to unveil a smaller version of the 10.1-inch iPad. The iPad Mini reportedly features a 7.85-inch display, and will retail for $250 to $300. (Source:

That price point should give Apple an opportunity to compete with lower-priced tablets like Google's Nexus 7 and Barnes & Noble's Nook device.

iPad Mini "Yields Have Been Frustrating"

Unfortunately, Apple appears to be encountering serious production issues with the new device. Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White says "suppliers have found the specs around Apple's 7.85-inch 'iPad Mini' to be a challenge and yields have been frustrating."

As a result, the iPad Mini is approximately four to six weeks behind its original launch expectation. (Source:

However, White also noted that iPad Mini suppliers believe they can build an "acceptable" number of devices prior to the product's official launch. Unfortunately, these same suppliers expect product shortages once the public gets a chance to place orders.

Problematic Parts Remain Unknown

White failed to specify which parts are problematic. Some experts speculate the bottleneck could be the iPad Mini's display, which is expected to be an "in-cell" screen similar to the one in the iPhone 5.

Such displays are reportedly quite challenging to produce.

Nevertheless, White said he believes the iPad Mini will create quite a stir.

"Despite the lower price point, we expect Apple to maintain the iconic aesthetics of the current iPad and blow away what competitors are offering in this smaller form-factor tablet market," White noted.

Observers expect Apple to unveil the iPad Mini at a press conference scheduled for October 17, 2012. Apple is reportedly preparing to issue press invitations on October 10th. (Source:

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