New iPod Touch, Nano Receive Rave Reviews

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Apple has released exciting new versions of its iPod Touch and iPod Nano. So far, critics are raving over the devices, with the consensus being that they're some of the best digital media players yet released.

The new, 5th generation iPod Touch is very similar to the iPhone 5. Compared to the 4th generation Touch (and like the new iPhone), it's both taller (4.86 inches), thinner (0.24 inches) and surprisingly light.

It's also more colorful. In the past, the iPod Touch came only in black and white. Now it's available in pink, red, blue, yellow, silver, and grey, as well as black and white.

New iPod Touch Features Better Processor

Also improved on the Touch: the internal processor. The device is now faster and offers better performance than its predecessor. (Source:

To give you an idea of the speed difference, consider shut-down times: the 4th generation iPod Touch took 32.5 seconds to go black, while the new 5th gen takes just 21 seconds. Applications also open and close at similarly faster rates.

The new iPod Touch also sports new headphones. Apple has adapted its iconic earbuds so the speaker points directly into the ear canal. The new headphones, called EarPods, include a new three-button volume remote control.

Bottom line: "The fifth-generation iPod touch is a winner," says PCWorld's Christopher Breen. (Source:

Return of the Rectangular Nano

The smaller, lighter, and cheaper 7th generation iPod Nano has also been given a facelift.

Apple has ditched the square, clip design of the 6th generation model in favor of the original rectangular form. The 7th gen Nano also boasts a new, simplified operating system.

It's also far lighter, with critics equating its weight to a pack of gum. Officially, it weighs just 31 grams, or less than an ounce. (Source:

As for prices, the iPod Touch comes in two different versions: 32GB at $299 and 64GB at $399. The Nano is available with 16GB and will run you $149.

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