'Deskcon', and 'Win Dowse'

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Intercepts the minimizing of applications to the taskbar and instead minimizes them to the desktop. The icon representation of the application on the desktop is a scaled version of a screenshot of the window for the application. Deskcon also provides system menus, as well as restoring the windows on double click.


Win Dowse

WinDowse shows any window's internals -- text, caption, resource ID, process ID, application instance handle, window handle, parent handle, function address, menu handle, coordinates in parent, coordinates in screen, size, client area size, style, extended style, class name, class function address, icon handle, small icons handle, cursor handle, background brush handle, module handle, class style, list of parent hierarchy, recursive list of children, list of windows under the mouse cursor, full tree of all windows in the system with auto-selecting the current window, exe file path, exe file name, original file name, file description, file version, product name, internal name, legal copyright, legal trademarks, product version, company name, comments from the version information, list of modules used by selected window's application with full paths, absolute cursor position, relative cursor position on window coordinates, relative cursor position on window client area coordinates, color of the pixel under mouse cursor. WinDowse allows you to copy any information about the selected window into clipboard, to find any window by text, class name or handle, to modify the window's text, origin or size, to show/hide the window, to enable/disable the window, to make any user action with the selected window by installable plugins, to see the zoomed window image.


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